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Ruiying sensor provides you with photoelectric, magnetoelectric and inductive high-precision displacement sensing technology

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The Ruiying sensor research and development team has been immersed in the industrial field for many years, and has profound experience in sensor research, development, manufacturing and application

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SROA46 series
Absolute value rotary encoder

Ultra-thin 15.5mm, installation completed in 80 seconds, no debugging required

No shrapnel rigid connection, better system rigidity

One-click debugging saves time and time

Strict EMC test to meet harsh electromagnetic environment conditions

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With a variety of high-precision sensing technology platforms

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Ruiying Sensor, focusing on sensing technology in the industrial field, is a medium and high-end sensor technology solution provider integrating research, production and marketing. Through innovative design, excellent product performance and exquisite production technology, it can solve the pain point of over-dependence on imported brands for customers, improve intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial field.